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Summer Reading - Middle School

Middle School Summer Reading Assignment

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8th Grade Reading List

Middle School Summer Reading Assignment


  1. Students will be required to read a minimum of 1 book from the list.  After completing that requirement, students are free to read additional books of their choosing.
  2. Students will complete two assignments for their book.  The first is a required book talk which they will present to the class.  The second assignment is to choose one project from the list to complete during the summer.  Both the Book Talk and the Project are Due On The First Day of School!!!!!

Required Assignment 1 (Book Talk):

  • Plan to speak about 3 minutes on your book.  You do not have to memorize this talk (you can write notes on a piece of paper), but you do need to practice it so you are comfortable with the speech.
  • Topics you can (but don’t have to) talk about:
  1. Summarize the plot of book but do not give away the ending
  2. Highlight specific conflicts that happen in the book
  3. A brief description of the main characters in the book
  4. Talk about how this book might remind you of another book you have read or a movie you have seen
  5. If you come across a significant or powerful passage, you may read it aloud.  This should be short and leave the listener wanting more
  6. Tell if you recommend the book and why or why not.  Give specific reasons for your choice.  Just because you might not like something, doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

Required Assignment 2 (Project-Choose 1):

  • Piece of Artistic Expression: If you are artistic or good with your hands, create a painting, sculpture, or other visual media object connected to your book.  You will need to write a short summary of the book and an explanation of the object and how it connects to the book you just read. I will not accept a drawn picture on a piece of notebook paper!!!  Only choose this option if you are very creative and can artistically represent your book.
  • Character Journal:  Choose a character from your novel and write at least ten journal entries from his or her point of view.  Detail the thoughts and feelings of this character as he or she experiences the plot of your novel.  Each entry should be one page in length (Typed or hand written in a journal)
  • Poetry Journal- If you enjoy writing poetry, you can write a collection of poems that chronicle your novel.  You need to write at least 5 poems that correspond to characters, themes, events or other elements seen throughout your novel.
  • CD: Imagine that you have been hired to develop a soundtrack to your book.  Find at least ten songs that showcase the book’s themes, settings, emotions, characters etc. You must include the following with your project: a CD with your songs or bring in your I Pod to play the song list, a brief explanation for each song on how it relates to the book, and the lyrics for one of the songs that best represents the book. All songs and lyrics must be appropriate for school and should not contain unacceptable language or themes.
  • Comic Book: Create a comic book using the plot of the book you just read.  You don’t need to include every little detail, but all the main events and main characters should be represented.  It should include at least 15 frames and be in color!  Stick figures on a sheet of paper will not be accepted.  Only choose this option if you can represent your book accurately through drawing or computer program.
  • Video interview:  Using a recording, video a mock interview with the main character of your novel.  You need to include a script written out for the interview (which is turned in with the video). This will be shown to class.